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Wildlife Garden Goals

Back at home, in the suburban part of West London, my parents have a spacious garden. Nothing quite fancy, but it was always my favourite place for games when I was a child.
I remember clearly my mum’s efforts to keep things natural. Even then, as a 10-year-old who didn’t give much thought to the outer world, I was impressed by all of her small projects and additions to our garden and its natural inhabitants.
I used to love watching the robins play around and hide in their tiny, man-made homes. I observed them carefully from afar and then rushed home to paint a picture of them playing before I forget how they look.

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Christmas Tree Curiosities

Every year I wonder what to pick — a real Christmas tree or its fake equivalent, and I know I’m not the only one. Sure, each of them has their own benefits — you cannot replace the scent and feel of a natural tree with its evergreen branches and needles. On the other hand, there’s nothing more practical than spending your money on a good looking fake tree which will last you years (and spares the real one’s life).

What we don’t often think when getting a real tree, though, is that we bring into our homes more than just a plain sapling. We bring a piece of nature. There are actual creatures living inside your real Christmas tree.

Tiny bugs use spruce, pines, and firs to overwinter safely. Or at least that’s what their instincts tell them. The truth is, once the tree is inside your house, the tiny little insects will perish over the following weeks.

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